3 Songs You Should Be Listening To (11-16-09)

The Civil Wars – “Poison & Wine”

Television shows continue to serve as a nice launching pad for musicians.  Years ago the Fox hit The O.C. thrusted many artists into the mainstream.  ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy has also established itself as a vehicle for featured artists to gain overnight commercial success.

Joy Williams and John Paul White have built their careers as signer-songwriters.  Their more recent combined effort is known as The Civil Wars, and thanks to Merrideth Grey’s need for dramatic moments,  a lot of people are taking notice of “Poison & Wine”.  The track was just featured on Grey’s Anatomy and it is incredibly beautiful and down right mesmerizing.  Prepare to hear a lot more from The Civil Wars in the coming months. That is my diagnosis. 


Sam Sparro – “Black & Gold”

Another television show has helped place a song in heavy rotation for me this week.  So You Think You Can Dance does a splendid job of showing me how much I really can’t dance.  Furthermore, it does a phenomenal job of highlighting great music that I can’t dance to.

A recent routine on the show featured the Sam Sparro track “Black & Gold”.  This cat can sing!  Sparro’s smooth bluesy feel is captivating.  The final studio track is designed to get you dancing.  Take a listen to the live performance video below to get a true sense of his raw vocal power.  This Aussie just might have knocked Paul “Crocodile Dundee” Hogan out of the number one spot on my list of favorite Australian imports.

Sparro’s live version of “Black & Gold” performed in a radio studio last year.  Music starts at 32 seconds.



Sing It Loud – “Come Around”

A fan of Fresh Scouts recently requested that we do a write up on Sing It Loud.  Your wish is our command.  The request did remind me how much I do enjoy the punky pop sound of these Minnesota boys.  The track “Come Around” is a rollicking good example of the type of energetic music they dish out.  This song lends itself well to air guitaring and air drumming.  Which of course lends itself well to my air tennis elbow.



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