3 Songs You Should Be Listening To (11-2-09)

Marianas Trench – “Beside You”

Most dominant in this punk ballad is the synthesized harmonies backing up the hook, but the entire song puts a unique twist on what you’re used to hearing from this particular genre.

James Kinney – “Music Is My Therapy”

This addictive, bass-thumping club hit is Kinney’s first single, but he’s been ripping up the late night scene in Austin, Texas for years. He most recently opened for John Legend, and that’s exactly the sort of vibe he gives off.

Mute Math – “Spotlight”

Face-paced and energetic, yet patient and cool, Mute Math’s “Spotlight” is definitely worthy of dipping into your iPod’s regular playlist. Best known for their 2007 hit “Typical,” this newer song has also gotten plenty of pub for its appearance on the “Twilight” soundtrack. With “New Moon” hitting theaters soon, we thought we’d revive this cut because, ya know, it’s awesome.

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