3 Songs You Should Be Listening To (12-21-09)

William Fitzsimmons – “Heartless”

I love when contemporary singer-songwriters cover hip-hop songs in their own style.  It’s like showing a whole different side to a song you’ve heard a thousand times.  William Fitzsimmons has taken Kanye West’s pop single and turned it into a song you can make love to.  Aw yeah.  Bow chica wow wow.

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The Thermals – “Now We Can See”

The Thermals are HOT.  You see what I did there?  Actually this song is very catchy and I promise you’ll be humming the most popular part of the song in no time, even if you don’t know how to hum.  If that’s the case, send us an email and we’ll send you instructions.

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Matt and Kim – “Daylight”

This honky-tonk piano jam mixed with parade percussion is more than enough to get your feet tapping.  And with a sweet name like Matt and Kim, you know you’re about to get blown away.  Ok, so maybe it’s not the most creative name in the world, but you don’t need an awesome name to make awesome music.  Ask Kenny G.  Enough said.

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Kyle Brigham is a fan of all things music. He has been to a ridiculous number of concerts across the nation and has been interviewing bands for over 10 years. He likes to listen to music excessively loud and thinks you got to get up to get down.

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