A Fine Frenzy

It’s not often you come across a single person that has an entire band name.  I mean, I guess there’s Prince and Owl City and Moby and Girl Talk.  But other than that, it’s pretty rare.  A Fine Frenzy is actually the secret code name/actual artist name for Alison Sudol, the alternative singer-songwriter pianist from Seattle and, to be honest, the name fits the bill.  Granted the name was taken from a Shakespeare verse (because apparently Ms. Sudol is quite the literary word wizard), but it fits eerily close to what I imagine my description of her music would be if I had to explain it in three words from a Shakespeare verse.  Weird…



She currently has two albums on the market; the first released in 2007 and the second, Bomb In A Birdcage, released  less than a month ago in September 2009.   If I had to compare her music to someone, I’d probably say that she’s a mixture of Ben Folds and Regina Spektor with a splash of Paolo Nutini (see “Electric Twist” off of the new album) and a whisper of Norah Jones.  Her music is generally upbeat and paints a vivid musical landscape that’s easy to follow, but musically complex in its own right.  Whoa, that was pretty deep.

A Fine Frenzy is also currently busy touring across the country and is also extremely busy being good-looking (see caption on picture.)  But even with all that working overtime, she still finds time to have over 1,300,000 Twitter followers.  I guess you could say she’s “Seattle’s Best.”

Best Tracks: “Blow Away”, “What I Wouldn’t Do”, “Electric Twist” and “The Beacon.”

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