About Fresh Scouts

Fresh Scouts is your portal to finding new music and discovering new artists.  We like to think of it as an ongoing discussion of common interests and a community of music lovers.  We also like to think that ninjas exist.  But of course by the time we proved it, it would be too late.  The truth is, Fresh Scouts is composed of regular people that appreciate all types of music.  And while, admittedly, some artists are more well-known than others, there’s always someone new to discover.  So help us “scout” what’s “fresh” (see what we did there?) and browse the site.  Oh, and feel free to send us your favorite artists, because you can’t spell community without the “u”.  You could try spelling it with two “o”s but it would just come out sounding weird.  Commoonity.  Yeah, that’s weird.



tank150Kyle isn’t your average Joe. He’s been around. Not “around”…just around. He started off in show production rocking out with some of the hottest artists around. I know what you’re thinking, “Was one of those artists White Snake?” It sure was.

After getting his fill of the road life (without actually going on the road) he moved briskly into radio, then out of radio, then online. He’s always been following the music scene passionately and wants to pass that passion onto you. But not in a passionate way. In a completely platonic way.

Feel free to email him directly and suggest an artist or just say hi. We’re always looking for fresh stuff and online friends we’ve never met. You won’t even have to remember his birthday.



kc150KC spends his free time planting trees and rescuing kittens from those very same trees. He basically is a giver. A man of the people. The salt of the earth. The author of his own bio.

His career path has put him in a position to be around music all of the time. His cubicle is right next to the break room radio. So yeah, he lives music. Somehow in his free time he stumbles into situations were he gets to rub elbows with some really cool musicians and gets access to the secret world of the music industry. Yeah, that’s right. He has a subscription to Entertainment Weekly and has an overactive imagination.

KC’s musical compass points towards blues, southern rock, country and hip-hop. He is always willing to give something a listen. One exception. A big no thanks to Christian Speed Metal. Just not his thing. It scares the kittens away.



gabe150Gabe is what’s known in the business as a “Renaissance Man.”  And yes, he spelled the word “renaissance” so horribly wrong that Microsoft Word’s spell-check couldn’t even offer a suggestion to correct it.  Sadly, Gabe is an English teacher by day.

But he also is a columnist for a popular online basketball website, an artist, a writer of fiction, a trivia buff, a procurer of fine musics, a traveler, a husband, and—soon—a daddy.  All these hats he wears so that he can call himself a “Renaissance Man,” which, as far as he’s aware, means “somebody who does a little bit of everything.”  If that’s not what it means, he just wasted two paragraphs.

When it comes to music though, he gets excited.  REALLY excited.  Like Ty-Pennington-Shows-Up-To-Your-House-For-An-Extreme-Home-Makeover excited.  His musical tastes lean towards alt-rock, legitimate hip-hop, and singer-songwriters, but he believes there’s good and bad in every genre.  Except polka.  There’s nothing good to be said about polka.