Throwback Thursday: Acceptance

There’s a common belief that punk rock—REAL punk rock—is dead.  Because of the commercialization of the genre by Hot Topic and Blink 182, some would argue that what many consider “punk” is now basically “pop.”  Take it from someone who works in a high school—kids are wearing the clothes, acting the part, and wearing their goofy hats askew, bills still un-curved, cocked to the side.  It’s gone mainstream, folks, and there’s nothing to be done about it.
A pre-"normal" Jason Vena

A pre-"normal" Jason Vena

Is it wrong, then, that I should find myself so utterly entertained by exactly the sort of alt-punk/pop music whose culture I feel so much obvious disdain for?  I contend that it is not, and it’s quite possible that the now-defunct band Acceptance could be my most favoritest of them all.

They haven’t been a group since 2005, when lead singer Jason Vena quit the band to live what he considered a “normal” life, but their album “Phantoms” has three or four legitimately catchy songs, each of which easily could’ve been a solid radio hit.  What separated them from other like groups in their genre was their ability to incorporate unique riffs with melodic harmonies.  Okay, so a lot of alt-punk/pop groups do that, but Acceptance was actually good at it.  It’s amazing what a big difference being good at music can do for the overall quality of a band.

While “Different” was their most popular song, “Take Cover,” “The Letter,” and “In the Cold” are the tunes that really brought something solid to the table.  After being introduced to the group a few years ago, I must have played those three songs close to million billion times.  They rock.  I love each of those songs as if they were my own children.

But like a short, relatively painless procedure in which a man decides he longer wants any more children, the band Acceptance has cut me off, so to speak.  They have moved on to other projects and their adoring fans have just the one full major-label album to satiate them for the rest of eternity.  Punk may be dead, but at least it still has its promising moments.  This group isn’t The Clash by any stretch of the imagination, but they had some good songs—certainly good enough to pass on to the devoted readers here at Fresh Scouts.  Enjoy them, as I have.

Fly away, my children.  Share your talents with the world.

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