Alexi Murdoch

This London-born, Scottish-bred singer-songwriter (according to the sentence I stole from Wikipedia) is probably one of the most powerfully passive artists I’ve seen in a while.  His new album “Time Without Consequence“  gives a true sense of his detailed musical storybook with songs like All My Days, Breathe, Home and the wonderfully popular Orange Sky.

Generally, his songs create a harmonic mood instead of a strict musical structure containing all of the pieces of a song in proper order.  That’s why I go to the dessert counter at the buffet first.  I’d rather have the excitement of all-you-can-eat chocolate pudding in my stomach before moving on to the main entree.  Is that crazy?  Probably.

Honestly, it’s a nice change of pace from a lot of the cookie-cutter songs created in the singer-songwriter genre nowadays.  It’s hard to break away from the “I’m so lonely and depressed because my girlfriend just broke up with me” to the “I’m gonna write a song about your eyes in the hopes that I get laid tonight.”  Both are, of course, very powerful subject matter, but sometimes change is necessary.

Alexi Murdoch is one of those artists that has already been sprinkled into many of your everyday activities, probably without you even knowing it.  Like how I can see you reading this right now.  (Whoa, that was creepy.)  What I mean is, if you’re a fan of The OC, House, Prison Break, Ugly Betty, Dirty Sexy Money or Garden State, you’ve already heard his song and didn’t even know it.  Orange Sky was so famously popular among guys that pick music for emotional scenes in TV shows and movies (is that a real job?) that it scored a place on each, adding that something special to keep you crying like a baby through the season finale.

I actually just checked him out at a live show in Chicago last week and he sounds exactly like his album, which is saying a lot these days.  Overall, he creates a very cool vibe and commands the audience’s attention wihout saying all but ten words the whole show.   Minus the crazy drunk, freshly turned 21-year-old that repeatedly called him “Adam” through the whole show (which he very calmly laughed at, continuing on for the less-than-inebriated) Alexi Murdoch puts on an awesomely chillax show.

Check out the well-recieved “Time Without Consequence” below.

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