Andrew Ripp

After listening to one minute of Andrew Ripp, I immediately bought several copies of his album, “Fifty Miles to Chicago”.   I considered that the purchase of these albums in hard economic times was an investment in great music.  I only wish I was as wise before my investment in a case of Snuggie’s.  How was I to know that my family would not appreciate body-length blankets with sleeves made of synthetic fleece?  I hate infomercials for taking advantage of me.  Anywho…it was Andrew’s recent opening slot on tour with Dave Barnes that brought him into my music collection.  My family has certainly enjoyed this replacement gift.

Andrew’s music is a perfect choice for your upcoming summer road trip.  As the miles pass along you will find that tracks like “Get Your Smile On”, “The Privileged Life” and “You Got My Number” will have you grinning at your fingers as they dance on the steering wheel.  Be prepared to slow things down a little because this Chicago native also has a vulnerable side as well.  Soulful songs like “Dresden Wine”, “On My Way” and “Tim’s Song” will get you reflecting on love and life.

Andrew Ripp is the real deal.  One listen and I guarantee you’ll be hooked.  Oh, and don’t miss the solo at the end of “The Privileged Life”.  Andrew rocks a kazoo.  Let’s just say that I finally would be able to join an artist on stage if called upon because I too can rock the hell out of a kazoo.  Life is good.

Make sure you experience the softer side of Andrew with his studio video version of the hauntingly beautiful piano-driven ”Dresden Wine”.

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