New Music Tuesday: Animal Collective

If I were to ever take a swim in a lava lamp I would expect the music of Animal Collective to be playing in the background.  “Avey Tare” (David Portner), “Panda Bear” (Noah Lennox), “Deacon” (Josh Dibb), and “Geologist” (Brian Weitz) have melted together to form the Animal Collective.  Their sound is trippy, ethereal, and light with hints of darkness.  I either just described amazingly creative music or a new herbal shampoo that will take you to another dimension.  Either way you are going to want to take a moment and let the sound wash over you.


A collective of animals.

Animal Collective has no doubt been crowned the “buzz” indie band of 2009.  Merriweather Post Pavilion has been lifted on high as if it were the second coming.  There is some justification for the praise.  The music pendulum is swinging again.  For too long our ears have been subjected to formulaic music that is produced in a hit factory.  We are now seeing the pendulum swing toward more creative and experimental sounds.  What was once called “fringe” music is starting to invade mainstream pop culture in a big way.  The top 40 charts and advertisers are turning more to groups like Animal Collective in an attempt to reclaim ears that are open for something different.

In an effort to capitalize on their recent success, the guys have delivered a gift to fans in the form of an EP.  That is industry speak for “short album”.  Fall Be Kind is a 5 track collection of songs that were left over from their recent studio work.  This sweet little mix will satisfy fans until their next full album release.  To get a good feel for Animal Collective you will want to give “Graze” and “What Would I Want? Sky” a spin.  After a listen you may have a desire to join me for a swim in my lava lamp.

Take a listen to “Graze”

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