Artist Interview: Andrew Ripp

Andrew RippKC and I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Andrew Ripp (of whom we featured not too long ago on and I have to say, it was everything we dreamed of and more.  Besides the show taking place at one of my favorite Chicago venues, the Double Door, we were able to catch an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at this extremely talented, unique artist that hails from the Chicago area.  Sort of like seeing an animal in its natural habitat.  That is if the animal can play guitar and record albums and stuff.  If that were the case, it would pretty much be exactly like that.

So we jumped back stage before the show to ask Andrew some questions and try to get a peek into things to come and current plans.  One nugget of information we learned right off the bat is that he recently moved to Nashville to help nourish his musical abilities among other artists that include a one Mr. Dave Barnes.  But we wanted to get an idea of where this artist to watch is headed and find out what his fans (and soon-to-be fans) can expect in the coming months.

Check out Andrew Ripp as he talks about gaining some ground in the college market as well as great things to come with new music and collaborations for upcoming projects.

We’re pretty excited about the upcoming Christmas show ourselves, but any new music from Andrew Ripp is something to wait for. As for the show, it was also everything we dreamed of and more.  Andrew puts on a great live show filled with energy and soul, and it’s hard not to be engaged in the music of someone so in-tune with his audience.

Check him out at any of his upcoming shows and make sure to keep your ears open for the new EP!  Ripp is definitely someone to watch.

*Update: Andrew Ripp has just released his new Christmas album! Hot off the presses…the music presses.  The holiday music presses.  Check it out and get into the holiday spirit.  Most heart and soul radio stations have been playing Christmas music since the summer, so it’s time you get with it.

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