Artist Interview: Angel Taylor

Angel TaylorI had the pleasure to meet up with Angel Taylor at one of her recent gigs, and I have to say that the pleasure was all mine.  Her live show is just as good as her album (which is more than pretty good, so that’s saying a lot) and her stage presence lit up the room (even though it was a poorly lit bar.)  She has recently toured with other singer-songwriters including Brett Dennen, Mat Kearney, Brandi Carlile and Gavin DeGraw and is currently one of the few elite artists to be signed to Aware Records (the record company that also represents a one Mr. John Mayer.)

After expressing her deep love for the aforementioned artist, it’s easy to see where her influences lie, but she strives to create music that is unique to her style which I have to say I completely respect and value.  She worries about sounding too much “like this” or “like that” and I think that’s exactly the attitude to have in a sea of singer-songwriters all trying to do the same thing.

After the official show, a small group of people followed her (rather stalker-ish, me included) to a small corner of a hotel where a piano stood waiting to be played.  Angel then treated us to a private concert playing requests from her first album without hesitation.  After seeing the show and getting a more intimate look at this up-and-comer, it’s easy to see why you need to keep your eyes open for her tour dates.  I could stay up all night listening to that voice.  Check her out.  You could too.


Angel Taylor - Love Travels

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