Artist Interview: Ari Hest

When I met up with Ari Hest before a concert at a small banquet hall in a hardly noteworthy Illinois/Indiana border town, I was a bit surprised that he was actually there.  After all Hest is an artist who, despite having left Columbia Records a couple of years ago, has been playing increasingly bigger venues.

Just a few days before this particular show Hest and his full band had been in Chicago at the new Lincoln Hall, but tonight he was in Danville, Illinois with just his bassist and opener Declan O’Rourke, playing for about fifty people.  It was one of the more intimate shows Hest played on his most recent tour, which just wrapped up its American leg, but the owner of the hotel hosting the event is a huge fan and Hest understands it’s not up to him where his listeners reside.

The show, by the way, was fantastic.  Unlike some artists, Hest is flawless live.  In fact, his voice may be more suited to live shows than it is for recording, as his soulful acoustic set proved.

Before the show, Hest gave Fresh Scouts some of his time considering Tank, KC, and myself have known him for over six years now.  We’ve followed his growth and success from the very beginning, and he’s the sort of nice guy you can’t help but root for.  Check out the interview (with some snippets of the live show), and make sure you send Ari some love by picking up his “Twelve Mondays” album.  It’s a good one.

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