Artist Interview: Crash Kings

Crash KingsWhen it comes to understanding what rock music is supposed to be, the Crash Kings just flat-out get it. When forming the group they made a commitment to doing things the right way—giving a live show that varies enough from the CD to be interesting, playing everything with real instruments instead of synthesizers, writing actual music instead of just slapping together three rock power chords and recycling them five or six times over the course of the album. They get it. They know what good music is, and they know how to play it. That’s why we feel more than confident saying these guys are destined for big things.

We caught up with the guys recently at the House of Blues in Chicago and had a great time chatting with them after the show (which was, as you’d expect, high-energy and steeped with badassery). The results of this interview can be viewed here:

Best of luck to Crash Kings—you’re very high on the FreshScouts list of favorite up-and-comers. If you haven’t grabbed the self-titled debut album yet, it’s time to go ahead and do that.

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