Artist Interview: Findlay Brown

Findlay BrownWe recently had the good fortune to catch up with Findlay Brown for an interview at an extremely intimate performance in Chicago, IL.  After his flight was delayed three times in one day, Findlay waltzed into the room with a calmness and (surprisingly) great attitude almost two hours past his scheduled stage time.  Had we not been waiting patiently to hear the music of this more-than-worth-the-wait artist, we may have never even known he was delayed.  But that’s just the sort of attitude he has and just the sort of attitude that shines in his music.

This up-and-comer was featured not too long ago on and we are more than willing to follow the list of accomplishments Findlay Brown is building.  He is exploding onto the US market and has a completely unique sense of musical style (taking bits and pieces from Roy Orbison and Elvis.)  It was great being able to sit down with him and get a behind-the-scenes look at someone that has a number of stories to tell (including selling genuine Beatles autographs to buy his first guitar and his brief stint in bare-knuckles boxing.)  Check out the interview of Findlay Brown:

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Findlay Brown - Love Will Find You (Bonus Track Version)

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