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It’s a small world, musically speaking. Here we are, loving Glass Pear’s “My Ghost,” without realizing that his sister, Jem, had already been featured here on FreshScouts, and that his other sister, Chloe, represents V.V. Brown, who has been featured here as well.

In our early email correspondences I joked with Yestyn Griffiths that he was the missing piece to our collecting the whole set. Now, of course, that collection is officially complete.

Griffiths, in the midst of recording his sophomore album, has seen plenty of success in the last couple of years with songs getting featured on popular television shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Bones.” With a couple of good breaks, his debut indie release “Streets Of Love” has allowed Griffiths to strive as en emerging artist.

“I had a lot of luck getting songs off the record onto these big shows [in America],” he said. “That really blew up the whole thing and led to a lot of people buying the record, especially digitally. That was really the break that I needed being a completely independent artist.”

That exposure immediately led to more downloads of Glass Pear songs than Griffiths could’ve even hoped for.

“Off the back of TV, I sold about 10,000 downloads within a month because your exposure is to millions of people,” he said. “The difficulty is, how do they find out who’s singing the song? I think a lot of people struggled to find the name of the song.”

For some, just using the iPhone app Shazam can help identify a song from a TV show, but for others, tracking down “My Ghost” and/or “Wild Place” proved to be a little more difficult—not that that kept the serious music fans from tracking them down anyway.

“Some people go on a bit of a pilgrimage to find the song, so that when they do finally find it it’s that much more worth it.”

Now, Yestyn is back in the studio working on a follow-up to “Streets of Love,” and he says the new record will be considerably more rhythmic while still upholding the mellow, emotionally-charged vibe that’s made him so popular already.

“I’ve really been exploring because, as an artist, I really don’t want to stay in the same place. I suppose that’s both a virtue and a vice. I’ve always wanted to bring more rhythm into what I’m doing. I’m not doing the classic second I’m-going-disco indie record, but I’m bringing in a lot of other interests in music such as hip-hop rhythms. It’s actually very similar to what Jem did on her debut record.”

His sister’s record, “Finally Woken,” included several songs written by Yestyn himself, including “24,” which is the track that sort of put Jem on the map.

“’24,’ has some pretty wicked hip-hop beats and actually probably could have had a rapper on it. I write a lot of different stuff, and that’s why I’m just so excited to go out and do something a little different. It’s not radically different; I’m just trying to merge my love of bands like the Beach Boys with some of the rhythmic elements you hear in something like Radiohead.”

However the music sounds, and whatever changes Glass Pear may undergo stylistically for the sophomore go-round, Griffiths just wants to keep the songwriting process organic and try to reach as many fans as he possibly can with the music he works so hard to write.

“It sounds corny, but for an artist like me, there’s nothing more fulfilling than to write a song that started in a room, just me and a guitar, that came spontaneously out of nowhere,” he said.

“When, through hard work or luck, it finally gets out there to thousands of people—and on some of these TV shows, to millions of them—it somehow works its way into people’s lives. I’m not arrogant enough to think that it changes anyone’s lives, but it genuinely adds something to their lives. I get messages back from people that say, ‘This song has really affected me,’ or ‘This song has helped me with something I’m going through in my life.’ That whole process of songwriting—from the inception of the song to finding someone who loves it—is why I do music.”

Listen to “My Ghost” (free download available below) and try to ignore the emotion in Griffith’s vocals. Look at his relationship with musical siblings and his commitment to independent production and try to call him anything but an artist. You can’t, because he is.

Besides, we’ve been taught to like the things television tells us to like. Right now, it’s telling us to like Glass Pear. We really don’t have any choice.

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Glass Pear – My Ghost by glasspear

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