Artist Interview: JET

JETGabe and I were fortunate enough to catch up with JET at their recent show in Wisconsin with The Crash Kings.  When we first heard about this pairing, we knew it was our destiny to be at this show.  Both bands are in our all-time favorite band list and a show like this, we knew, would be epic.  The best part about a JET show is that you know you’re going to get straight up rock and roll.  You’re not gonna get auto-tune, you’re not gonna get a Jonas brother and you’re not gonna get a drum machine.  You’re going to get riff-heavy, sweat flying, beer drinking, guitar smoking rock and roll.  Hell yeah.

In a live show, JET is like a mixture of the Stones, the Beatles and AC/DC all in one.  They are non-stop energy and make sure that the crowd feels it.  I know I definitely felt it (and also the guy in front of me, but that was mostly his fault.)  These guys are the closest thing to old school rock and roll you are going to find and it’s completely satisfying to say that they are the real deal.  If you get a chance to check them out on their tour, make sure you take it all in.  Because these guys are going big, then going home.  They said they would keep us up-to-date when they’ll return after this tour, so we’ll be waiting patiently by the phone for their call.  Because trust us, it’s worth it.

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