Artist Interview: Jonny Lang

Jonny LangI had the privilege of interviewing this young blues legend at his recent show at the House of Blues in Chicago, IL.  With his recent success at Eric Clapton’s 2010 Crossroads Festival (his second appearance in said festival) it was no wonder he played to a packed house.  Even though I’ve followed all of his albums and read numerous articles on his musical accomplishments, I was still not prepared to meet Jonny Lang.

Anyone who is familiar with his music knows that this guy has soul – not only in his guitar playing but his deep down, guttural blues voice.  If you were to take a listen to one of his albums knowing nothing about the guy, you would imagine him being some old bearded guy with tattered clothes and a worn Fender Stratocaster that maybe wasn’t new in the 70′s.  But upon closer inspection you’ll realize that this is a guy that started his career at age 13 and has been rocking ever since  is only at the ripe age of 29.  I know, it blew my mind too.  Check out the interview:

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