Artist Interview: Justin Caldwell

Justin CaldwellGenerally, we at Fresh Scouts like to push for artists and groups that haven’t hit the mainstream yet, or maybe haven’t hit a major label yet. In the case of Justin Caldwell, our most recent interview, he hasn’t even hit Wikipedia yet. We’re talking about an emerging talent coming right out the gates, here, and we think you’re going to love him.

Caldwell is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter who kind of breaks the mold of the genre by making things a little more jazzy and a little more Sting-y. We read one article that compared his musical style to something in between Jamie Cullum and The Police, and having seen him live we absolutely buy it. He’s a fantastic, energetic young man with music on the verge, and since our job is to give you all music that’s fresh, allow us to introduce Justin Caldwell.

Justin Caldwell Interview with Fresh Scouts:

Justin Caldwell’s “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Cover:

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