Artist Interview: Justin Nozuka

I have been a fan of Justin Nozuka ever since he broke onto the scene in 2007 with his album Holly.  “After Tonight”, the smash hit from the record, is still getting play and placement three years later.  Nozuka’s got an incredibly soulful voice that is coated with peace, love and harmony.  You can’t just listen to a Justin Nozuka record, you gotta feel it.


Nozuka wrote the tracks on Holly when he was just a teenager.  It has always amazed me that a young man was not only able to write such incredibly insightful tracks, but he was able to support the songs with such a soulful voice that often sounded beyond its years.  Nozuka has had three years to grow and over the course of that time his global touring has matured his writing and tone even more.  April 13, 2010 brings the U.S. release of his sophomore album, You I Wind Land and Sea.  This very well could be the album that makes Justin Nozuka a household name.

Tank and I had the pleasure of catching up with Nozuka recently as he was testing out some of his material in preparation for the release of the new album.  You I Wind Land and Sea is emotional storytelling at its finest.  Each track oozes heart and soul and when Nozuka talks about the project you can truly tell that he has connected with what he has done.  Check out our exclusive interview with Justin Nozuka and get a deeper look into the mind of an artist that is on verge of a major breakthrough.

KC’s Personal Picks: “Woman Put Your Weapon Down”, “My Heart Is Yours” &  “Heartless”

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Justin Nozuka - You I Wind Land and Sea


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