Artist Interview: Matt Costa

After traveling via bus through weather that was promoted to be  “Chicago’s worst storm in 70 years,” California-born Matt Costa made it to the Double Door in Chicago, IL unscathed and allowed us to take a seat and dig deeper into this former pro skateboarders unknown musical dream come true.   Luckily for us (perhaps Matt too) his skateboarding career fell short at the age of 18, leading to the dawn of who is now, Matt Costa – singer/songwriter.  Not to drop any names or anything, but Matt was founded by No Doubt guitarist, Tom  Dumont, toured with Jack Johnson, and did some work with Phil Ek from Modest Mouse…but no big deal.

Recently releasing his third album, Mobile Chateau, Matt continues to woo the world with the single “Witchcraft” which takes a dash of pep and mixes it with a tablespoon of solid guitar riffs all the while sprinkling it with indie rock and folk.   But why take it from me.  Matt Costa is far better at explaining himself…himself.  Check out the interview below.

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