Artist Interview: Sister Hazel

Considering that Sister Hazel is from Gainesville, Florida, it shouldn’t have come as too big a shock that they’d be singing the National Anthem in Chicago the night that former University of Florida studs Joakim Noah and Al Horford went up against each other at the United Center. Still, to be working that particular game and to hear that Sister Hazel—a long-time Fresh Scouts favorite—was in the house… Well, that was a very pleasant surprise.

It was a night in which the band was scheduled to the play the second show of a two-night December stand at House of Blues, but before they took off to get ready to rock, they were kind enough to sit down for a quick impromptu interview with FS.

Sister HazelIt’s been well over a decade since “All For You” was a regular on Top 40 radio stations, but Sister Hazel has been a persistent mainstay on the touring circuit ever since. They put out their seventh album, “Release,” just this past August, and with over 700,000 followers on Twitter there’s no questioning their resonance and longevity over the years.

Only lead singer Ken Block and backup singer Drew Copeland were around when we did this interview, but they gave us a great representation of where the band’s at right now. Our job at FreshScouts is to introduce the world to new artists, and while Sister Hazel isn’t a new band by any means, they are somebody that today’s younger generation probably knows little about.

So, for our younger readers, allow us to introduce Sister Hazel. For those of you who already know and love these guys, enjoy catching up with one of the catchiest groups we’ve ever known.

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