I’ve been waiting for some good hip-hop. I’ve recently held my breath for this hip-hop (but only for 20 seconds, then I can’t really breathe and I have to give up), but it never came. I mean, sure my latest dirty secret is the newest Kanye West album, but I wouldn’t say it’s “good” hip-hop; just well-produced catchy hip-hop from a cocky producer that craps gold. I thought all hope was lost, then I was introduced to Atmosphere.

Atmosphere is sort of a mixture between The Flobots and The Gorillaz in the sense that their beats are highly developed and unique, and their lyrical flow is incredibly robust.  You’ll get lost in their tracks with a veritable  mixture of grungy electric guitars, simple piano riffs and reverbed chordal progressions.  Of course, you’ll get a heavy mix of hot drum beats that will encourage you to make attempts at rapping (realizing very quickly that this is not something you are good at.)

Who would have thought that such a successful hip-hop group would come from Minneapolis, MN?  I mean, don’t get me wrong I’ve got nothing against Minneapolis. It is a fine city full of culture and malls that are entirely too big.  But you don’t exactly think of Minneapolis when you think of “the next best thing in hip-hop music.” Just goes to show that you can never judge a book by its cover. Unless that book is “Justin Bieber: The Unauthorized Biography”, then yeah I think you can pretty much judge it by its cover.

If you want some super solid hip-hop that’s new and different and refreshing and not touched at all by Kanye West, then check out Atmosphere.  They’re the bomb (as referenced by the 90′s.)

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