Backyard Tire Fire

Burning rubber and burnt hair are two of the most offensive smells on the planet.  What’s not offensive is the music of Backyard Tire Fire.  Their recent release of Good to Be is their most polished album to date and it will no doubt have the most universal appeal.  So let go of your hatred for the smell of burning rubber and accept the fact that they have a rockin’ band name.  I mean, they could have gone with Backyard Hair Follicle Fire, but it doesn’t have same awesome ring to it.


I consider myself fortunate to be a long time fan of BYTF.  Ed Anderson, Tim Kramp and Matt Anderson have called Bloomington, Illinois their jamming ground for a while now.  There must be something in the mid-western water of Bloomington/Normal.  The cities claim the first ever Steak ‘n Shake, the national headquarters of State Farm Insurance and the birthplace of Beer Nuts.  Those facts alone are enough to make anyone want to move to B/N.  Now, add in the roots rocking music of Backyard Tire Fire and the place is damn near utopia.  Over the years I have had a chance to watch these guys grow as they played blues festivals, block parties and small town bars.  Their music has been 10 years in the making and I believe Good to Be will be the album that catapults their music onto a much larger stage.

Don’t misunderstand though.  These guys are no small town band.  Their music catalog is deep and has garnered a ton of praise from die hard fans and music critics alike.  They have shared the stage with JJ Grey & Mofro, William Elliot Whitmore, Ha Ha Tonka, Cracker and Los Lobos.  It was the performance with Los Lobos that got them connected with Steve Berlin.  Berlin not only performs with Los Lobos, he is also an accomplished music producer.  Berlin ended up signing on and producing the bands fifth studio album, Good to Be.  The album is dynamic, wonderfully constructed and full of energy.  I guarantee that Backyard Tire Fire will be smelling sweet success with this release.

KC’s Personal Picks:  “Good to Be”, “Roadsong #39″ & “Ready or Not”

Check out the video for “Good to Be”

Listen to the album:

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