Band of Horses

bandofhorses2Seattle has churned out some great stuff over the years.  Great coffee, what was the SuperSonics, that super-sweet Needle thing, a baseball team that brought Ken Griffey Jr. to super-stardom and, in-turn, created one of the best baseball video games of all time.  The list goes on.  And at the top of that list, is Band of Horses.

This relatively new rock group, first formed in 2004, created a total of three award-winning albums.  I’m not actually certain they were “award-winning” in the literal sense of the term, but you get the point.  Plus, you know they’re pretty big if they have the “Starbucks iTunes Pick of the Week”.  Yeah, they’re kind of a big deal.

Their most recent album, Infinite Arms, released in May 2010 is a great mix of their signature melodic rock sound.  Their style has hints of Silversun Pickups, The Shins and The Strokes but remember: it’s only hints.  Band of Horses have a style all their own and it would be insulting to insinuate otherwise.  You got a lot of nerve.

These guys make the rounds all over the world, but if you get the chance to check them out on tour, they have a few U.S. dates already planned for this summer.  I hear they put on a great show, plus there might be horses there.  Who knows.

Overall, if you’re looking for a great album to chill to this summer, pick up anything by Band of Horses.  And if you’re not looking for a great album to chill to this summer, pick up anything by Justin Bieber.

Check out the old school video for their first single “The Funeral” from their first album Everything All the Time:

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