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Some things are just better mixed up.  Like the ingredients to make cookies or the ingredients to make cakes or even the ingredients to make brownies.  I think I’ve made my point at how delicious mixing can be.  But what is even more delicious is the mixing going on with Basement Jaxx.  I know you’re probably thinking it’s a guy named Jack who has seriously misspelled his name (by accident) and lives in a basement somewhere.  Well if that’s what you thought, you would be partially correct.  They are a UK house music duo.  Oh wait, I guess you weren’t right at all.

Photos by Jamie Beeden

Photos by Jamie Beeden

Basement Jaxx have been releasing catchy dance music since the mid-90s and most recently “mixed up” their tracks with a variety of artists across many different genres in their September 2009 release Scars.  This mix of poppy club music will get you breakdancing in no time (that is if you know how to breakdance.)  And with collaborations from such FreshScouts artists as Sam Sparro, Santigold and the creator of the milkshake that brought all the boys to the yard, Kelis, you are sure to find a song that’s scrupmtilicious.

But the original idea behind Scars was to release the tracks as a double-album; one album containing the collaborative club tracks they are known for and one album containing what Basement Jaxx describes as a “soundscape” exhibiting the mellower side of the duo.  And thus, Zephyr was created.  This second installment, admittedly, is probably not going to be the first choice to pop in at your next party.  That’s what Scars is for.  Zephyr is more an album you’d toss on for some trance-like chillaxin’.

The two actually compliment each other nicely.  They are complete opposites that fit a variety of tastes, and since they were offered separately in a short time span, it’s easy to sample each like the cheese and sausage tables at a grocery store.  Take one or both or even come back for seconds or thirds.  As long as you look like you’re going to buy, it’s all good.

Check out the video for Scars (and some sweet animation from some guy on YouTube….bonus.)

Check out Scars:

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