Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

We featured Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears in our Weekly Jukebox back in June 2009.  What we discovered then, and still believe to be true, is that this band is one of the hottest young things on the music scene.  These Texas boys hit it hard with a soulful blues swagger that takes no prisoners.  Their debut album, Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is!”, is jam packed with the kind of music you would expect from a group of guys calling themselves Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears. What’s that?  Don’t know what to expect from a band called Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears?  Well, all the more reason to toss on the ear phones and go for a ride.

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

If you love the unique energy and styling of James Brown, well…you are gonna love you some Black Joe Lewis.  There is certainly a retro feel to Lewis’ work, but the music exudes a modern day feel with a grittiness and attitude that keeps each track relevant and powerful.  Plus, the band name is genius.  Could they be the name of a 1970′s Saturday morning cartoon?  Could it be the moniker of a pimp and his lady friends?  Could it be the name of one of the most explosive acts out there?  Could I possible ask any more questions of you?  Ok, enough with the questions.  Here is a statement.  Listen to Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears!

KC’s Personal Picks: “Sugarfoot”, “I’m Broke”, and “Gunpowder”

Check out the official video for “Sugarfoot”

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