Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

What is in a name?  Well, in the case of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, you get gritty hard-rock music.  They certainly live up to their name which pays special homage to Marlon Brando’s motorcycle gang 1953 film, The Wild One.  Peter Hayes, Robert Levon Been and Leah Shapiro make up the west coast super group that has been churning out honest-to-god rock music under the flag of B.R.M.C. for the past ten years.


Last month B.R.M.C. released the much anticipated Beat the Devil’s Tattoo. This record holds true to their formula of delivering rock and roll to the masses.  The album has an overall sound that makes it feel like you got your hands on a bootleg recording that the band put together at 3am in their garage.  And that style is what makes the album so darn good.  B.R.M.C. delivers the kind of rock that encourages you to whip out your air guitars and invisible drumsticks and play along.

B.R.M.C. hit the mainstream spotlight when they had a track land on the 2009 New Moon movie soundtrack.  That exposure coupled with ton of global touring is the combination needed to get their sound out to everyone.  B.R.M.C. has a strong music catalog to listen through, but you will want to certainly start with Beat the Devil’s Tattoo for a great taste of what they guys are cookin’.

KC’s Personal Picks: “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo”, “War Machine” & “River Styx”

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