Black Stone Cherry

You won’t see Black Stone Cherry on the menu at your local ice cream shop.  Although, that does sound downright tasty. I digress.  Please understand that these guys aren’t soft, pleasant and served in a dainty little cup.  Black Stone Cherry serves up a heaping scoop of hard southern rock music that will will blast your face off.  These Kentucky boys know how to rock and they delivered in a big way with their 2008 sophomore release of Folklore and Superstition.


If you rock out to The Black Crowes and Lynyrd Skynyrd on the regular, well…for starters, you’re awesome.  I feel safe in saying that you will become mega-awesome if you add Black Stone Cherry into the mix.  Their music has a pulse pounding blend of deep south rock fused at times with hard rock and metal.  It is not all about wailing guitars though.  But don’t fret, there are plenty of wicked guitar solos to go around.  In addition to the high octane instrumentation, you are also treated to a solid and meaningful lyrical display, all lead by front man Chris Robertson.  There is even some slower stuff in their collection.  The end product inspires me to run around neighborhood streets karate kicking every trash can I see.  Yeah, I am a badass thanks to Black Stone Cherry.

Currently the boys are touring the globe playing every festival out there and supporting a ton of bands.  This is all setting the stage for their anticipated third album, which is rumored to be in the works.  So, head on down to your local ice cream parlor and demand some Black Stone Cherry.  When they say they don’t have it just turn right around and kick over their trash cans.  Yeah, now you’re the badass.

KC’s Personal Picks: “Blind Man”, Devil’s Queen”, and “Soul Creek”.

Check out the video for “Soul Creek”

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