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As I motored down the interstate the other day I saw a guy kicking a box down the side of the road.  That immediately made me think of Blake Lewis.  Blake is best known as the “beatboxer” from Season Six of American Idol.  Isn’t it funny how the mind works.  You see, when I saw the guy beating the box I thought of beatboxing, which then made me think of Blake.  You still with me?


As the seasons starting adding up over at American Idol, we the audience began to see a contestant pool that was blending together.  Folks started looking alike and singing alike.  So, it was like a hearty slap in the face when Blake Lewis hit the stage for the first time.  Not only did Blake’s clubish clothing and faux hawk catch my attention, it was also his unique infusion of vocal percussion into his performances.  As the weeks went on I found myself tuning in just to see what he would do next.  In the end it was Jordin Sparks’ candy coated smile that kept him from taking the top spot.

Instant exposure ended up being the greatest prize for Blake.  His 2007 major debut album, Audio Day Dream, just went through a major replay in my car stereo.  It is safe to say that Blake has not gone on to super stardom, but his unique pop/soul/club style certainly did invade a lot of households across the globe.  Audio Day Dream is something worth checking out.  It is not your typical pop album.  If A.D.D. leaves you wanting more, you can check out his 2009 sophomore album, Heartbreak on Vinyl.  Fans of Justin Timberlake are gonna be lovin’ them some Blake Lewis.

KC’s Personal Picks: “Know My Name” featuring Lupe Fiasco, “Break Anotha”, and “Gots to Get Her”

Check out the video for “Break Anotha”

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