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Have you ever heard the term “Less is more?”  For me, it directly applies to tequila, Kanye West, shopping and physical activity.  In a general sense, I tend to think that these things offer me the most when I experience them less.  However, the term can also be used to describe something (or in this case someone) that has the ability to offer more with less.  In the musical world, I find the greatest artists to be those that create brilliant music without hiding behind production effects and auto-tuning.  For those of you that just said, “Hey! T-Pain is a real artist and he uses auto-tune!”  You just proved two things:  1. That you are 12 years old and 2. That you are a communist.

boniver2No, the artist I am talking about is of course Bon Iver.  For those of you that are unfamiliar, familiarize yourself.  His album For Emma, Forever Ago is the perfect example of doing more with less.  The band now consists of four members, however For Emma, Forever Ago was independently released by indie-folk songwriter, and primary member, Justin Vernon during an elongated stay in a remote part of Wisconsin.  Vernon, with the help of an independent label, ended up releasing the album in 2008 to much praise which goes to show, if you can dream it you can do it.  Or if you build it he will come.  Or the power is yours.  I can’t remember which one.

You’ll find songs like  “Flume” and “For Emma” completely addicting; like a nicotine brownie wrapped in episodes of 24.  His charismatically simple melodies and haunting tones are delicately peaceful, but emotionally powerful.

Check out the live studio version of “Flume”:

If you want something to sit back and relax to, pick up For Emma, Forever Ago.  You won’t find hard-hitting drum beats or electric guitars or T-Pain, but I promise it will be worth it.  And if you get completely addicted (like myself) make sure you check out their latest EP Blood Bank.

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Kyle Brigham is a fan of all things music. He has been to a ridiculous number of concerts across the nation and has been interviewing bands for over 10 years. He likes to listen to music excessively loud and thinks you got to get up to get down.

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