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brandicarlile2I’ve often found that, regardless of how hard I try to resist, I have a soft spot for women with great voices.  However, if my love were only gauged by how great a woman’s voice was, I would have been married approximately 43 times.  Brandi Carlile is just such an occasion where all I needed to hear was the first line of the first verse of the first song I ever heard to know that I was going to love her.  Her strong folk-y sound mixed with her powerful voice make her one of the better female singer-songwriters out there today.

Her latest album Give Up the Ghost was released in 2009.  The single “Dreams” has a very pop rock sound without losing the folk-y flavor.  Extremely catchy and extremely hard to get out of your head for days.  I know this sounds like a bad thing, but we’re talking like-ability here.  Other songs on the album like “Caroline” also have the fun, pop rock sound with heavy folk accents.

If you’re into slower songs that may or may not bring a tear to your eye, check out “That Year” and “Before It Breaks”.  Heck I cried just writing that.  The mix of different emotions she portrays in her music exhibit her complete artistic variety and let me know that she’s the real deal.  I don’t like things that aren’t the real deal.  Brandi Carlile passes the test.  Yay.

Check out the video for “Dreams”:

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