Caitlin Crosby

Ahhh…I love summer music.  Yes, just saying the word “sun” burns my flesh, but yet I’m drawn to the warmth like a moth to a flame.  So I guess Caitlin Crosby is the flame, and I am the moth.  Analogies are dumb.

What’s not dumb is the music of Caitlin Crosby.  Ms. Crosby is emerging as a triple threat – singer, actor and model.  Kinda like me, but not.

And if that wasn’t enough, her new album Flawz is closely tied to her passion for raising awareness about inner beauty and body image.  This 23 – year old California-native is quite impressive and situating herself for some strong industry exposure.

I have a special place in my heart for singers with a raspy tone.  She mixes that raspy style with a sunny side that gives her songs a dynamic feel.  You will notice some strong similarities to Colbie Caillat and Natasha Bedingfield.  Caitlin’s first single, “Still Have My Heart”, will no doubt top your summer play list.  Her debut album Flawz also highlights great tracks like “Don’t Play Me Hollow”, “Today” and “Love Love Love”.

Caitlin’s creative video for “Still Have My Heart” features the dude from “Chuck” and the dude from “House”.  Oh, and don’t let the jazzercising back-up dancers distract you from the fact that Caitlin is rocking the keytar.  I don’t want to overstate things here, but I do believe that the keytar is the world’s most radest instrument.  Ranks right up there with the kazoo.

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