Civil Twilight

civiltwilight2We featured Civil Twilight a few weeks back for their wildly popular single “Letters From the Sky”.  This alt/punk band has exploded on the alt/punk rock scene as of late and for good reason.  Their haunting melodies mixed with smooth piano and percussion as steady as a heartbeat make their sound comparable to Muse or Barcelona (without emulating their exact sound of course.)

But how do these guys’ success translate beyond their wildly popular single?  Well, they’ve been around since their debut release in 2007, but really only started to receive notable success with their 2009 self-titled release.  “Letters From the Sky” reached #7 on the U.S. Alternative charts and #1 in my heart.  So their single helped open the doorway to the great tracks on the self-titled album (which just so happen to be just as good.)  After hearing the album in its entirety, I was immediately drawn to the vocals which lend an almost eerie ambiance to an interesting mix of emotional tracks.

It is quite easy to get lost in the music which, to me, is a unique quality that few bands possess.  You could close your eyes and forget for a moment where you are and what you’re doing.  I suppose that could be dangerous on most occassions (say, for example, you were driving a race car or skydiving or something…that would probably be un-good.)  But in most normal situations, it is a pleasant escape from the busy ramblings of everyday life.

Check out the video for “Letters From the Sky”:

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