Crash Kings

When a group can use the piano effectively in a rock-and-roll type situation, I label that group a definitive success.  So it goes with the Crash Kings, a trio we featured on our jukebox a couple months ago for their first hit, “Mountain Man.”  Even with the tickling of the ivories being used as an audible accent, it still comes off like something awesome by Airbourne or Jet (who, coincidentally, added a full-time keyboard player this last summer).  In other words, it real good.  Strong like bull.


The self-titled debut album reminds me a little bit of the first Maroon 5 album (remember “Songs for Jane,” the good one?) in that every song has radio play potential thanks to incredibly catchy hooks.  Occasionally the guys rock right out of town, and at other times they’re strumming through ballads, taking the mood down a notch for all the lovers out there.  As a result, the end product is pure cash money.  These guys know how to do music.

Other than “Mountain Man,” the best song on the album is “It’s Only Wednesday,” which is featured briefly in the film “Zombieland,” at one point the number one movie in the country.  In a way, that sort of makes “It’s Only Wednesday” the number one song in the country, if you really think about it.  The track moves, driven by the rhythmic staccato of the piano and an occasional off-beat on the drum that fits the melody perfectly.  It’s a tune you’ll have in your head for days.  Maybe even hours.

Beyond the two moderate hits on the album, there’s “1984,” a dynamic diddy that shows off some of lead singer Tom Beliveau’s higher notes, as well as “Raincoat,” a slower and more airy track that plays off a cooler, Ben Folds sort of vibe.  These are the highlights, but there isn’t a bad track on the entire album.  These guys are being featured on more “up-and-coming” articles and interviews than almost anyone in the business right now, causing them to leave their tour with Mason Jennings to be featured a little more prominently in bigger venues.  These guys are on the way up, and their album is certainly worth your time, money, and hard drive space.

There aren’t a lot of groups out there can rock a piano (or clavinet) like these guys.  Ears can’t be filled with much better stuff.

If you like the Crash Kings, check out JET!

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