Cross Canadian Ragweed

ccr2As a kid I am sure I would have been allergic to Cross Canadian Ragweed.  The name just sounds itchy.  Growing up I was allergic to milk, peanuts and the air.  Childhood was not so fun.  Thankfully, as an adult, I am not allergic to the music of Cross Canadian Ragweed.  The band is certainly one of my top 10 favorite band names.  The name comes from blending three of the band members’ names, Grady Cross, Cody Canada, and Randy Ragsdale.  Bassist, Jeremy Plato, was not included in the naming.  Today I will honor him in the naming with…Cross Canadian Ragweed-Plato.  There we go.  That just rolls off the tongue.

These guys embody the American Red Dirt sound.  The Red Dirt genre was birthed in Oklahoma and is not only a style; it is a way of life.  Red Dirt blends country, blues, rock, and folk together for a rockin’ good time.  The release of Happiness and All the Other Things celebrates 15 years of Cross Canadian Ragweed music.  15 years strong, and yet they have remained a hidden gem in mainstream music.  Their fan base is ginormous and when they all come together for a show it is a raging party.  Fans of country music may be more familiar with CCR  as they often tour with acts like Dierks Bentley.  What I have always loved most about these outlaws is that their music is a mix of everything.  No one genre truly can define them and each album is a musical testimony to their creativity and talent.

The summer of 2009 brought us CCR’s Happiness and All the Other Things.  The album is a great representation of CCR’s music and style.  It was welcomed in by devoted fans and is a great welcome to those just coming across the guys.  My personal favorites are “51 Pieces”, “Drag” and “To Find My Love”.  Do yourself a solid and take a look back at CCR’s entire catalog of music.  And for those with really bad allergies, just make sure you have some Benadryl near by.  Just in case.

The guys perform “51 Pieces” in a live jam session.

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