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danblack2Remixes.  Some of us can’t get enough of them and some of us love to hate them, but one thing is true: if it’s done right a mash-up of music becomes something completely different and ear-catchingly awesome.  You may have read our piece on Girl Talk a while back and, if you’re like us, fell in love with the complete disregard for song integrity (or even copyright laws.)  Well, somewhere between that and a more subtle remix closer to that of the hit 90′s jam “One Sweet Day” comes the beginnings of the electrifyingly electronic Dan Black.

Completely disregarding what purists would call “butchering the song”, his remix of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize” and Rihanna’s “Umbrella” caused the web to stir in 2008.  The signature beat mixed with the mild melody of one of gangster rap’s most famous set of lyrics created a song that was closer to a popular dance hit than a hard-core rapper’s delight.  Now I know a lot of you are saying, “How dare he. One of those songs is a legendary jam by a music icon that shouldn’t have been changed.”  All I can say is that I’m sure Rihanna doesn’t mind.

Check out the original video for yourself:

Now, for all of you out there that think, “Hey this is catchy, but I would like it better if it were more original.” That’s exactly what Dan Black was thinking when he went on to create the single “Symphonies” (recently featured on our Weekly Jukebox) for his brand new 2010 release UN.  It wasn’t until I heard the songs back to back that I realized that he had taken what was surely an experimental mix-up and turned it into a song that was all his own (still retaining a little of the Rihanna flavor, but who could blame him?)

After listening to the full album, I found other tracks equally as catchy as the first single including “U + Me =”, “Alone” and “Yours.”  He even remixes his single (which if you’ll remember is already a remix of a remix) with Kid Cudi.  Pop in this album if you’re looking for a party…or if you want the party to look for you.

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