Danger Radio

Sometimes we music people can get too smart for ourselves. We get caught up in the art of the whole thing and end up featuring artists that do really interesting things musically yet aren’t particularly catchy. Look, it happens. But a good writer (like myself, obviously) occasionally reminds himself that it’s not always about complex combinations of genres or minimalistic production or super-deep philosophical lyrics. Sometimes, it really is just about the music being good.

dangerradio2When it comes to Danger Radio, the music is just good. They’ve got this pop/punk vibe without the relentless driving drum beats of other punky tracks. Instead, they rock out to an easier-going backdrop, if that makes any sense. Think early Maroon 5, but definitely harder. Every song on the most recent album, 2008’s “Used and Abused,” comes in with strong chords, tight, understated harmonies, and a lead singer with a really contagious voice. Above all, though, the music just resonates. Every song drums up a certain level of excitement, and that’s where it’s at, especially when it comes to selling records.

My first experience with the group was catching the acoustic version of “Your Kind,” which I spotted on YouTube and immediately fell in love with. The studio version is probably even better, and other tracks on the album, like “So Far Gone,” “Used and Abused,” and “Alive for the First Time,” all do similarly positive things for the musical soul.

So is Danger Radio doing anything particularly fancy? Are they pushing the envelope of avant garde, modern music? Nah. But they are doing a whole lot of what more artists should also be doing—keeping it simple and keeping it catchy? Indeedy-do. I just like them. I like them a lot. But will you like them? You will. You will a lot, too.

You will.

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