Daphne Willis

daphnewillis2Based out of Chicago ourselves, we love to find homegrown talent.  There is something to be said about a talented artist from our very own Chicago and now, Daphne Willis will join the ranks of such artists as Cheap Trick, Kanye West, Buddy Guy, Herbie Hancock, Lupe Fiasco, Liz Phair and Koko Taylor.  Not a bad list.  Especially the Cheap Trick part.

Her soulful voice is so powerful it will literally blow your socks off (do people say that anymore?)  Her voice is very similar to up-and-comer Angel Taylor in the sense that her pitch is impeccable and her control is completely acrobatic.  Her old school sound adds in horns and bluesy guitar riffs for a vintage feel generally only achieved by seasoned veterans.  But Daphne Willis has the “it” factor now, so why wait to be seasoned?  Exactly.

Her latest release What To Say promises to deliver everything you imagine and more.  Assuming you aren’t imagining the album comes with $100 bills stuffed in the case.  If that is what you are imagining than no, it won’t deliver.  If you are looking for a solid album from a solid up-and-comer, than What To Say definitely promises to deliver.

Since she’s from Chicago, you better believe we’ll be at one of her upcoming shows, but if you want to check her tour schedule for some other dates, make sure you go to her website for all of the details or “deets” as we call it on the streets.

Check out the video for “Everybody Else”.  It has what appears to be Cookie Monster in it.  Although I’m sure for copyright reasons I can’t confirm that:

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