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Ah, what to say about Dave Barnes? I’ve been following Dave for at least 20 years, and by 20 I mean closer to 5, yet I still listen to his first album on an often basis (is that even a phrase?).   His southern soul is hard not to fall in love with, and his voice is like butter… and pancakes.  Barnes’ first album Brother, Bring the Sun, introduced me to a whole new world of singer-songwritery; dissolving the pre-conceived notion I had about singer-songwriters being too coffeehouse-ish.  I hate coffee.

Dave Barnes and some steps.

Dave Barnes and some steps.

I remember hearing the song “Grace’s Amazing Hands” in college and crying for hours and hours.  It’s really that awesome, and I’m really that sensitive.   But for a first impression, I honestly thought he’d be one of those guys you’d listen to in the background while reading or knitting (assuming people still knit).  It wasn’t until I bought Brother, Bring the Sun that I heard the soulful funk he really brought to the table.

The entire album sets up a cool, relaxing, just-drank-a-fresh-beer vibe (assuming you were born on or before this date 21 years ago) and leaves you with that “everything’s gon’ be all right” feeling.  It takes you through a slew of musical flavors from the caressing melodies in “Nothing Fancy” and “Your Love Will Never Change” to the head-nodding “Crazyboutya” and “Can’t Grow Tired of Your Love”.

His latest studio album, Me and You and the World, combines songs from earlier albums but throws out some new tracks influenced by his charity travels abroad.  I, of course, am also a huge fan of his second album, Chasing Mississippi, featuring plenty of the familiar Dave Barnes vibe, but adding a thicker layer of blues, gospel and funk to give the album a real southern twang.  Plus the addition of Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Ed Cash and Matt Wertz helps.

If it influences your decision to get up and check him out, he’s always on the move touring across the country and is hilarious in person.  Check out this video that made me laugh out loud at work… I mean… at home. On my spare time.

Just type Dave Barnes into YouTube and you’ll find just about as many of these gems as musical performances.  I’ve also met him a few times, and he’s genuinely a really a nice guy.  “Why don’t you just marry him?” you ask?  Well I would, but he’s not a chick, and I’m already married to tuna casserole.

Buy his album if you want to fit in!

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