New Music Tuesday: Dead By Sunrise

You: Wow, Dead By Sunrise sounds just like Linkin Park! 
That’s because LP’s lead singer Chester Bennington fronts this band. 
Oh, thank you for educating me on all things music. 
You are so very welcome.  It is the least I can do.

I find it so much easier when I can control the entire conversation.  Mental illness?  Maybe.  Analogous to Dead By Sunrise?  Sure thing.  Chester Bennington takes a momentary break from having hit songs that go over the opening and closing credits of most high budget action movies and takes control of his own project.  He moves over to front a side project that most likely will have the same type of commercial success.  Dead By Sunrise has what has made Linkin Park so successful, Bennington’s signature voice.  Both groups have the edgy rock sound, screeching guitars and DJ noises.  The two groups vary in that Dead By Sunrise puts a nix on the rapping that became so much a part of Linkin Park.

Dead by Sunrise

Dead by Sunrise

Through “Out of Ashes” Bennington continues to focus on experiences from his own life.  Lyrically you will get a lot of anger, angst and frustration.  Some surprises will come from the softer tone in tracks like “Into You”, “Too Late” and “Let Down”.  But don’t fret there is still plenty of grunge/pop/rock to be had with tracks like “Crawl Back In”, “My Suffering” and “End Of The World”.  If you are a fan of Bennington this will hold you over until the next Linkin Park album.


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