Throwback Thursday: Dispatch

There were a lot of bands that helped get me through my college years.  But, like most people, some are more memorable than others.  Now, I’m not talking about Dave Matthews Band or OAR.  Both were staples for some people in their own right, but I was more in to the less popular music.  It made it seem more personal for me and I got more meaning from it than the stuff on the radio.  That’s why I was completely drawn to Dispatch.

dispatch2I remembered the first time I heard Dispatch.  It was at the end of my high school career (a while ago) and it was by accident.  A friend of mine had one of their songs on a burned CD (a new concept at the time) and for a long time, I had no idea who the artist was.  After growing so attached to the song “The General”, I decided to find out more about the band and explore their collection in more detail.  I soon discovered such staples as “Two Coins” and “Bang Bang” (both off the same album with the same name, Bang Bang) and I immediately fell in love.

Their mixture of numerous genres of music range from acoustic folk to funk to even reggae.  Their mix of solid vocals and harmonies on top of that make the overall sound something unique and lovable.  But don’t take my word for it.  Thousands of people across the world fell in love with Dispatch before their official break-up in 2004.  Actually, many thousands of people across the world fell in love with Dispatch. Their final concert was held in Boston and was expected to draw a maximum of 30,000 fans.  The concert ended up drawing a little over 110,000 concert-goers from all over the world making it the largest concert in independent music history.  They have since reunited for a handful of shows, but the band members have officially moved on to other projects.

Dispatch will always hold a special place in my heart.  I still cry thinking about their break-up.  Which is all the time.  So yeah, I cry all the time.  But I also do push-ups, watch boxing and drink beer.  So I think it balances out.

Check out Bang, Bang below:

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