Eli “Paperboy” Reed & The True Loves

Whoa.  It is kinda like Fresh Scouts can see into the future.  Think of our Weekly Jukebox as our crystal ball.  Back on February 8, 2010 we first featured Eli “Paperboy” Reed.  And earlier this month, we featured him again on August 2, 2010.  As we gazed into our crystal ball, a.k.a. the Weekly Jukebox, we just knew that Paperboy was going to be huge.  His latest album, Come and Get It!, is a smashing success.  So yeah, we will be playing the lotto this weekend.


These guys deliver.

I love a good list.  Grocery lists are cool.  Letterman’s Top 10 lists are dandy.  “List” is in word “Listerine” and it keeps my mouth feeling crisp.  Yes sir, I love me a good list.  So here you go.  My list of why Eli “Paperboy” Reed is the bee’s knees.

  1. Eli spent a good amount of his formative years practicing his music in Chicago.  Chicago is rad.
  2. Eli has an awesome head of hair.
  3. He has a nickname that doesn’t refer to slingin’ rocks or killing someone.  He just appreciates a good hat.
  4. The music that he puts out is fun-throwback-party-soul.  I will be trademarking that genre so don’t even think about it.
  5. Listening to Reed makes me wanna dig out my Sam Cooke records.
  6. The lead single “Come and Get It” is infectious.  Infectious in a good way.
  7. Eli’s backing band, The True Loves, are out of this world.
  8. The guys have been touring around the world like crazy in support of their new album.  Expect to see a lot from them in the States in the coming months.

So there we go.  Not only did I have a chance to highlight my passion for lists, but I was also able to focus on my appreciation of Eli “Paperboy” Reed. Join me and take a trip back in time with some *fun-throwback-party-soul music.  Paperboy does not disappoint.  I guess you can say that he delivers.

KC’s Personal Picks: “Come and Get It”, “Pick a Number”, and “Name Calling”

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