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A lot of good things have been brought to American from Europe:  pizza, Robert Pattinson, French kissing, racy foreign movies, an indie alternative garage-rock back know as The Beatles, and escar go. Ok, maybe we’re not as excited about that last one.  Europeans have introduced us to the quaint game of golf, nude beaches, and even wooden shoes.  We really owe them a couple of high fives, a round of drinks and possibly some gold stars. They’re the country that just keeps on giving.  So naturally, it wasn’t long until they came up with another treat. Their recent gift comes from England in the form of indie pop singer, Ellie Goulding.   Born in Hereford, England, Ellie has been laying down entrancing, unique tracks that have earned her a following of dedicated fans.

Ellie’s music is the perfect combination of “dancing just because you’re happy” and “bubble bathing because you’re in need of relaxing.”  Her voice could carry its own, but combining it with the perfect rhythm of drums and a string quartet brings an additional flavor that is more enticing than the frosting on a perfectly toasted Toaster Strudel (which is saying a lot.)  Both are so delicious that it results in a craving for more; whether it’s frosting or one of Ellie Goulding’s singles.

Ellie Goulding has been noted to be “the next big thing” by the entire UK music business, which they made official when they presented her with the critic’s choice award at the most recent Brit Awards.  Her debut album, Lights, was released on March 1, 2010 preceded by her first single “Starry Eyed” which reached number 4 on the UK Singles Chart.  But we here at Freshscouts know that we can provide you with as many facts as Wikipedia can provide (sometimes more), but what really reels in your attention is to actually sample the work.   You’re gonna like the way she looks.  I guarantee it.

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