Eric Hutchinson

Eric’s music sounds like summertime.  Not those annoying bugs bragging with their “look at me, I’m mating like crazy” sounds.  I’m referring to the cool summer breeze sounds.  As many of us here on this blue marble edge closer to the joys of summer, I felt it was only appropriate to share music that will certainly set the summertime mood.

Eric Hutchinson is a cool cat.  I stumbled into his talent back in 2005 when he came to me as the opening act for an event I was promoting.  Eric blew away the audience that night with his incredible musical chops and his nerdy charm.  A few months back, I ran into him again and got a chance to see how far he has come in such a short amount of time.  Eric is setting the industry on fire with songs appearing in movie soundtracks, a heavy touring schedule with big names and his recent crowning as the “VH1 You Oughta Know” artist for 2008.

It has been a year since Warner Bros. Records started sharing Sounds Like This with the entire world.  Eric’s dedicated fan base of “Hutchead’s” have surely enjoyed watching his career take off as more and more ears discover the good vibes his music brings.  A career that was stop and go is now one that is off and running with no signs of slowing down. Eric’s quirky sense of humor and power-pop style will have you hooked.  Hooked in a good way.  Not hooked in a methamphetamines way.  Well…his music could be described as euphoric.  So yes, technically, he is a dealer that deals musical goodness.  Not drugs.  Drugs = Bad.  Eric Hutchinson’s music = Good.

Sounds Like This is an album that can be listened to from start to finish with no need to skip tracks.  “Rock & Roll” is the track that catapulted him into the limelight.  I would also personally recommend “Ok, It’s Alright With Me”, “You Don’t Have To Believe Me”, and “Oh!”  Expect a big summer as more people continue to discover Eric Hutchinson’s drug-free music.  Say no to drugs.  Say yes to Eric Hutchinson.

Check out his new wordy video for “Ok, It’s Alright With Me”.  Word.

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Kevin has a long history of discovering the best music out there. He started off as an event coordinator for a ton of different types of shows and slowly started to grow his musical interests over time. Maybe some of those interests included the Baja Men, maybe they didn't.

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