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We first featured Erik Hassle as part of our Weekly Jukebox a month ago with his break through hit, “Hurtful”.  That catchy track got us hooked and we were thrilled to pick up the full album, in early March 2010, when it was released in the U.S. market.   Hassle’s got a singer-songwriter swagger with swirls of soul and R&B influencing his tone.  There is just something about his music that makes you take notice.  It might also be the fact that he is rockin’ a huge tangle of bright red hair on the top of his head.

erik hassle2

Hassle's hair is hiding.

Hassle hails from Sweden and has blazing red hair.  Prior to Hassle we only associated Sweden with ABBA and blazing red hair with Carrot Top.  Thank you to Erik Hassle for being a musical Swedish export and for proving that red heads can be talented.  And talented he is.  Pieces is a solid collection of poppy songs that have that special something that gets you singing along.  The overall sound of the album reminds me of the soulful stylings of Gavin DeGraw.  The reoccurring theme of the album rotates lyrically around love and love lost.  The up-tempo tracks and the slower jams both view relationships through the lens of young man that is trying to figure love out.

Hassle is now out on the road wearing his emotions on his sleeves and audiences are eating it up.  It is just a matter of time before his music is landing smack dab in the middle of mainstream exposure.

KC’s Personal Picks: “Hurtful”, “Don’t Bring Flowers”, and “Standing Where You Left Me”

Erik Hassle’s video for “Hurtful”

Listen to the album

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