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If you’re here at FreshScouts.com looking for new good music, chances are you’ve heard of Pandora—a website that takes music you already like and finds similar music so you can track down more artists to potentially love.

That’s a great idea and everything, but Pandora isn’t the only place in cyberspace to find new music. Another website, StereoMood.com, has actually figured out a way to tailor playlists to your mood. If you’re in a Jack Johnson mood or a Buddy Guy mood, then use Pandora. But if you’re feeling less specific—happy or relaxed or bummed out—StereoMood is the way to go.

The idea for the site came from four friends in Italy—Giovanni, Daniele, Maurizio, and Eleonora—who concocted the idea as a way to use technology to link music and mood.

“Three years ago when we worked together at mtv.it here in Milan, we decided to provide a new way to listen to music,” says co-founder Eleonora. “We started to investigate what was the best web music service and how it worked. Websites like Hype Machine, Last.FM, and Musicovery inspired us to create a new web application that allows you to listen to music with a new classification based on emotions.”

The site is painfully easy to use; the home page has a huge list of emotions, with the more popular ones appearing in larger font. All you have to do is click on the one that most closely matches your mood, and the playlist pops right up.

One of the good things about these playlist—at least in our opinion—is that you don’t see many mainstream pop hits added to the mix. The music comes from artists all over the world, and that international flair is something Eleonora says they always strived for.

“Every song you will find on StereoMood comes from a selection of the best international music blogs, reachable from the ‘read post’ link on the player. The order in which you will find the songs in every different playlist is counted by an algorithm that tracks their freshness, their listening frequency, their popularity, and the number of tags that the users assigned to them. This algorithm is also able to show the last uploaded songs or the ones users love the most.”

According to Eleonora, the website has grown quite a bit in the short 8 months that it’s been in existence.

“We now receive every day mail and comments on our Facebook and Twitter fan pages. Most of the users express their need of a mobile application to bring StereoMood with them.”

However, plans for expansion stretch beyond just the addition of mobile apps for the iPhone and Android phones. Right now, the website is just a hobby for these four friends in Italy. Eventually, they’re hoping it expands to a point where it can be profitable enough for them to quit their day jobs.

“We want StereoMood to become our main work. We want to create a complete StereoMood team, besides us, to grow up and make the website better. We want to try to sell ad space based on our emotional concept—for example we can make an ad hoc campaign for Kleenex into the ‘feel like crying’ playlist.”

In the meantime, while this innovative website continues to get itself off the ground, listeners can channel their musical mood into an actual, specific playlist. As good as Pandora is, even they can’t do that.

Score one for StereoMood.

Click HERE to check out StereoMood and start discovering new music today!

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