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findlaybrown2The first week after the start of the New Year always seems to be when labels roll out their reissues and special editions.  That makes it a challenge to find great new albums.  With all of that being said, we were thrilled to come across the music of Findlay Brown.  Our friends over in the United Kingdom have known about his music for sometime now.  Brown’s 2007 debut record, Separated by the Sea, got a great deal of buzz in his home country.  Today welcomes the U.S. release of his sophomore album, Love Will Find You, and the throwback style will no doubt catch the ears of music fans across the globe.

In Brown’s Love Will Find You, he delivers a 1960′s crooner style with rich harmonies and a warm fuzzy feel.  The well crafted tracks weave together nicely to create a dreamlike state that almost feels out of place in 2010.  That “out of place” feeling is refreshing and a much welcomed start to the new year of music.  It is clear that Findlay Brown takes his musical career seriously.  He is a talented songwriter and he is not afraid to dabble in various musical styles.  I also have to give him props for his fashion sense on the cover art for Love Will Find You.  That hair is super fresh.

I would highly recommend that you take the whole album for a spin and let it wash over you.  Some of the tracks that sunk in for me were “Love Will Find You”, “That’s Right” and “Nobody Cared”.  The title track, “Love Will Find You”, is downright addictive so listen with caution.  Check out the video below and be prepared to be memorized by Findlay Brown.

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