Florence and the Machine

Well looky here.  I am featuring yet another artist from the UK.  Maybe it’s because of all of the Monty Python I am watching and the tea I am drinking.  My affinity for the UK aside, what it all comes down to is the fact that Florence and the Machine is jolly good.  So jolly good, in fact, that I featured  them back on June 28, 2010 in our Weekly Jukebox.  Some time has passed and yet my love for their music has not waned.  If anything, my love for Ms. Florence Welch has only grown stronger.

Why do I love the music of Florence and the Machine?  Ah, let me count the ways.

  1. The cover art for Lungs is both beautiful and creepy all rolled into one.  Therefore, I love it.
  2. The album is chocked full of stand along singles like “Kiss with a Fist”, “Dog Days Are Over”, and “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)”.
  3. “Kiss with a Fist” is one helluva punky love song.
  4. The video for “Dog Days Are Over” is so incredibly artistic and creative.  It also made me dream about Smurfs.
  5. Florence is breathtaking.  Her voice, her style and her presence is magical.  I get the sense that if I ever stumble into a enchanted forest, Florence would be waiting in a clearing welcoming me.

Florence & The MachineSo yeah, the soulful indie rock styling of Florence and the Machine had me at hello.  Their music is catching on in the States with tons of placements in popular television shows.  All of you Twilight fans may also recognize her from the Eclipse soundtrack.  As the summer continues on, you can rest assured knowing that you will be hearing Florence’s voice calling to you.  Florence is getting everything thing she can get out of Lungs, and rumors are out there speculating on the much anticipated second album that is in the works.  The music of Florence and the Machine is creative, bright, and powerful.  Take time to sit down with some tea and crumpets and soak in the music of the incredibly talented Ms. Florence Welch.

KC’s Personal Picks: “Dog Days Are Over”, “Cosmic Love”, and “Kiss with a Fist”

Experience the video for “Dog Days Are Over”

Feel the love with “Kiss with a Fist”

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