My college years introduced me to a lot of things that I would take with me into adulthood (or what people keep telling me is supposed to be adulthood.)  I drank my very first alcoholic beverage in college which eventually led to a few more alcoholic beverages.  I learned about life outside of a curfew which usually meant the necessity to schedule more naps throughout the day.  I was introduced to the 20 page paper due in a week which also introduced me to the life punishments that accompany procrastination.   But most importantly, on one magical day during my sophomore year of college, I discovered the musical creative genius of a band called Florez.

As a sat at the desktop computer “kids” today would consider to be dinosauresque, I happened upon the Nashville-based rock band, Florez.  As I listened intently through a few of their diddys (not to be confused with “P” diddys), I was immediately intrigued by the unique sound emanating from my speakers.  Lead singer and guitarist Alex Florez paired with bassist Erik Huffman produced a sound combining styles from many different musical genres to produce energetic, yet smooth harmonies.

Despite their brief hiatus in 2006 so that bassist Erik Huffman could participate in a little show called Survivor, the band has traveled with several well known artists and bands including Gavin Degraw, Better Than Ezra, and The Doobie Brothers.  Returning to the music scene, they were snatched up by the Hothead Group and recently released their latest EP Yellow Shoes.

So that’s enough facts to lure you in.  We’ve done our job.  Now do yours and take a listen to their music.  If you’re in college, then I’ve held your hand through the first baby steps of a successful college career.  Now grab a beer (if you’re 21+ of course), stay up until 2am, and write that paper before it’s too late.

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Jenna is a long-time lover of music that has a knack for discovering new artists. In fact, she discovered The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Who, The Yardbirds and any other band you can think of that starts with "the". That might not all be true, but there is one thing that is: her love for music. (Single tear)

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