Free Energy

Everybody loves free stuff because, ya know, it’s free. When I was a kid, I got this book (not free) that listed this whole slew of stuff that you could get just by asking for it. I wrote letters to all sorts of different companies and ended up free books, free samples, and free toys. It was my guidebook for the begging, basically, and it got me just about everything I could’ve ever wanted.

Except one thing. It never got me Free Energy.

That’s probably because the Philadelphia band wouldn’t even join forces and use their now-buzzworthy name until 2007. I was like 25 years old by that point and had lost my free crap handbook like a decade and a half previous. But now, at the ripe age of 28, Free Energy is finally mine (and yours, I suppose). It’s something I always wanted, even though it didn’t exist until recently.

I sound ridiculous, I know. Nothing I’m saying is making even an iota of sense, but try to understand what I mean—since sometime in the late 1980s, there hasn’t been a single day that I haven’t wanted for upbeat, light-hearted rock, and Free Energy encapsulates that better than any indie band out there. It’s not angry or over-the-top or abrasive—just happy and energetic. Free energetic…

Look, it’s on me to put you guys on stuff that you’re actually going to be interested in listening to, but there’s not a single CD out there right now that’s less offensive and more universally loveable than Free Energy’s “Stuck on Nothing,” featuring, among other smile-worthy tracks, “Bang Pop,” which has seen the most mainstream success of any track on the record.

Not everything in life is free, but this Energy is. I mean, not in the sense that you won’t have to pay for the album, because you will, but in the sense that it’s out there for everyone to enjoy. As part of everyone, you’d be remiss not to join in the festivities. That part won’t cost you a thing.

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Joel Brigham writes about stuff. It’s pretty much all he cares about. Stuff like music and more music. But he mostly cares about music. And also music.

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